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Green Arrow Oneida Eagle Black Bow Fishing Hunting Right Short Draw 25-25-65

Green Arrow Oneida Eagle Black Bow Fishing Hunting. Right Short Draw 25-25-65 lbs. Actual measure 27-31 inch draw length. Factory spec draw weight 45-65lbs. 25-45-65 lb for fast flat shooting heavy arrows. Can be turned down to 25-30 lbs for … read more

19-70lbs Archery Compound Bow 19-30 Draw Length Hunting Shooting Adjustable M1

Bow limb import from Gordon Composites in USA special limb supplier CNC machining bow cam, material:7075-T6 Surface finish: camo water transfer, 4 color select Bow string use BCY material Draw Length:19-30 adjustable, without bow press Draw weight:19-70lbs. Specifications: IBO Rate: … read more